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I passed my radio amateur exam in March 2013 and I registered the callsign PD4KH (pappa delta four kilo hotel!). PD4KH on qrz.com

I am usually located around maidenhead locator: JO22NC

QSL policy for PD4KH

I upload logs to eQSL.cc during and after being active on the radio. I upload logs to qrz.com and hrdlog.net on a regular basis. I like paper cards via the QSL bureau so I send those out and I will respond when I receive those. Notifying me via e-mail that you would like a card is also possible.

I appreciate QSL reports for QSOs.

gallery of eQSL cards received by PD4KH.


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D-Star digitale amateur radio (Nederlands)

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2015-05-29 Outgoing QSL cards ready to send
Finally some time to write outgoing QSL cards. 32 of them. Maybe I need to start ordering them, this was after I printed and cut a 'large' batch. Already all filled in and ready to get to the QSL bureau.
Outgoing QSL cards - Kvdhout on flickr
Outgoing QSL cards
The downside of ordering printed QSL cards is that custom starts at 1000 cards. And I know I want to start working on getting my full license (which will change my callsign) later this year so I don't think I will have 1000 QSOs that will result in cards (most don't, it's when the person at the other side requests one or I would appreciate one in return).

2015-05-24 Playing in the EU-PSK-DX contest
I saw the EU-PSK-DX contest coming up in the PG7V contest calendar and decided to try. My results are nice for a beginning novice with background noise:

Total number of QSOs in your log is 41, Including 0 QSO with errors, Valid QSOs 41
Band  QSOs Dupes Points Mults
160      0     0      0     0
80       0     0      0     0
40       0     0      0     0
20      41     0     84    50
15       0     0      0     0
10       0     0      0     0
Total   41     0     84    50
Claimed score is 4200 points. I selected the SINGLE-OP 20M HIGH category. When I look at the EU-PSK-DX contest 2014 results I didn't do too bad for 25 watt power, in a noisy (residential) area and with only about 6 hours of actual 'radio' time.

2015-05-21 A Linux-related radio interference problem
Recently I noticed serious interference very visible on 14.070 MHz. Where it annoyed me a lot since that is the regular frequency for 20 meter PSK31 where I make most of my contacts at the moment. I also saw some interference at 28.120 MHz, the PSK31 frequency in the 10 meter band.

Noise on 14.070 MHz
The noise in the fldigi waterfall, click for the full fldigi screen.
The interference showed as steady carriers about 58 Hz apart and sounded like a serious buzzing noise. The first conclusion was that one of the over the horizon radars decided to drop on that part of the 20 meter band.

But later on the interference stayed at exact the same frequency. And active over the horizon radar is also quite visible on the Utwente websdr as I noted before when I noticed interesting interference in the 10 meter amateur band. This specific interference wasn't visible there.

So I kept searching locally for the source. I was afraid a nearby neighbour was using a new interfering CFL or power supply which would make it hard to diagnose and fix.

My own equipment was also a serious suspect. One piece of hardware that recently changed near the antenna was the monitor for the server. The monitor changed from an old CRT to a less-old LCD screen. The power supply wasn't the culprit, but searching further it turned out the video signal to the monitor was! And then I saw what else changed: after upgrading the homeserver to Ubuntu 10.04 and upgrading the homeserver to Ubuntu 12.04 it started coming up in framebuffer mode. Which has a different video frequency from the 80x50 textmode I used earlier.

The problem goes away completely when I unplug the video cable from the computer. I had an extension cable without ferrite cores because an earlier monitor needed the extra length. Removing the extension cable makes the level of interference drop a lot but it's not away completely. So the solution is to unplug the monitor cable from the computer.

Then things are back to the 'normal' noise level on 20 meters and 10 meters. It's still a city environment.

2015-05-20 Eindelijk kan ik 'm aan het haakje hangen
Op sommige repeaters hoor ik mensen wel eens roepen dat ze "'m aan het haakje gaan hangen" als ze willen stoppen met meepraten. Dat verwijst naar het haakje of clipje waaraan de handmicrofoon opgehangen kan worden.

Handmicrofoon aan het ophang haakje Ik had van een stukje koperdraad een simpel haakje gebogen maar dat was niet echt handig en viel wel eens van de plank af. Dus toch maar eens uitgekeken naar een echt goed beugeltje. Op de beurs in Rosmalen kon ik geen aanbieder vinden. On-line even gekeken en terecht gekomen bij Microphone Hang Up Clip for KMC-30,KMC-32,KMC-35,KMC-36 en nu kan ik 'm dus ook aan het haakje hangen!

Het is een hele nette microfoonhouder, die ook in een auto of boot zou werken, er zit een veer achter die de microfoon vasthoudt.

2015-04-26 Tried APRS on my way back from Apeldoorn
After I visited the Interessedag Amateursatellieten 2015 in Apeldoorn I decided to give APRS a try again.
aprs data 2015-04-25 PD4KH-7 data from aprs.fi
All received APRS data from PD4KH-7 on the way back from Apeldoorn
I tried APRS over a year ago and it works with APRSdroid on my tablet and the vox function of my radio.

On my drive back I wanted to try this again. Outside antenna on the window of the car, radio and tablet in a bag so the vox would work. I heard the familiair buzzsaw noises from the bag from time to time during the drive but the end result is one whole position report seen on the APRS network.

2015-04-13 Partially decoded images from the last ISS pass with SSTV active over my location
RS0ISS image 11 (part) RS0ISS image 11 (part) RS0ISS image (part)

From the last pass of the ISS with SSTV active over my location some partial decodes, this is where qsstv has some problems. That's why the above are posted screengrabs, qsstv decided not to want to save the partial images.

This pass started at 21:15 UTC, slowscan TV was scheduled to end at 21:30 UTC.

2015-04-12 Partial decode of an image from RS0ISS
RS0ISS decoded image commemorative diploma From the pass over my location (16:27 UTC) I decoded this partial image. I also heard speaking what sounded like Russian, with for me clear "Romeo Sierra .. India Sierra Sierra" so I guess there is one lucky russian radio amateur with a confirmed contact with RS0ISS.

Recording added to this post. I am looking for a transcription and translation.

2015-04-12 Parade for Yuri Gagarin
Parade for Yuri Gagarin, in memory of Yuri Gagarin, image 8 of the RS0ISS series This evening pass (19:39 UTC) had a less good timing for me, but almost a full image decode. On the start of the pass a previous image was running but I can't make qsstv pick that up.

Image 8 of the RS0ISS series.

2015-04-11 Man Enters Space, in memory of Yuri Gagarin
Man Enters Space, in memory of Yuri Gagarin, image 2 of the RS0ISS series Another chance this weekend for receiving images from the russians aboard the International Space Station (callsign RS0ISS). I had luck again with this pass and one image came through near-perfect.

Image 2 of the RS0ISS series.

Equipment: video tripod, Arrow dual-band antenna with just the 2 meter antenna connected to the radio, FT-857 radio. Laptop controlling the radio with gpredict and recording the audio with audacity. Decoding the recorded audio with qsstv.

2015-04-08 Audio in websdr without java
I noticed some of the websdr online receivers were only offering html5 audio and html5 waterfall display. The waterfall display started working ok in recent firefox for linux but the audio always remained silent. Until I checked and checked again and the solution seemed to be 'check audio settings'. And I found the 'AudioCallbackDriver' from application 'CubebUtils' with a firefox icon in pavucontrol (PulseAudio volume control) which was set to output level 0 (silence). Changing that to a more reasonable volume helped a lot!

Now I don't need java applets in my browser to use the different websdr servers.

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