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I passed my radio amateur exam in March 2013 and I registered the callsign PD4KH (pappa delta four kilo hotel!). PD4KH on qrz.com

I am usually located around maidenhead locator: JO22NC

QSL policy for PD4KH

I upload logs to eQSL.cc during and after being active on the radio. I upload logs to qrz.com and hrdlog.net on a regular basis. I like paper cards via the QSL bureau so I send those out and I will respond when I receive those. Notifying me via e-mail that you would like a card is also possible.

I appreciate SQL reports for QSOs.

gallery of eQSL cards received by PD4KH.


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2015-04-13 Partially decoded images from the last ISS pass with SSTV active over my location
RS0ISS image 11 (part) RS0ISS image 11 (part) RS0ISS image (part)

From the last pass of the ISS with SSTV active over my location some partial decodes, this is where qsstv has some problems. That's why the above are posted screengrabs, qsstv decided not to want to save the partial images.

This pass started at 21:15 UTC, slowscan TV was scheduled to end at 21:30 UTC.

2015-04-12 Partial decode of an image from RS0ISS
RS0ISS decoded image commemorative diploma From the pass over my location (16:27 UTC) I decoded this partial image. I also heard speaking what sounded like Russian, with for me clear "Romeo Sierra .. India Sierra Sierra" so I guess there is one lucky russian radio amateur with a confirmed contact with RS0ISS.

Recording added to this post. I am looking for a transcription and translation.

2015-04-12 Parade for Yuri Gagarin
Parade for Yuri Gagarin, in memory of Yuri Gagarin, image 8 of the RS0ISS series This evening pass (19:39 UTC) had a less good timing for me, but almost a full image decode. On the start of the pass a previous image was running but I can't make qsstv pick that up.

Image 8 of the RS0ISS series.

2015-04-11 Man Enters Space, in memory of Yuri Gagarin
Man Enters Space, in memory of Yuri Gagarin, image 2 of the RS0ISS series Another chance this weekend for receiving images from the russians aboard the International Space Station (callsign RS0ISS). I had luck again with this pass and one image came through near-perfect.

Image 2 of the RS0ISS series.

Equipment: video tripod, Arrow dual-band antenna with just the 2 meter antenna connected to the radio, FT-857 radio. Laptop controlling the radio with gpredict and recording the audio with audacity. Decoding the recorded audio with qsstv.

2015-04-08 Audio in websdr without java
I noticed some of the websdr online receivers were only offering html5 audio and html5 waterfall display. The waterfall display started working ok in recent firefox for linux but the audio always remained silent. Until I checked and checked again and the solution seemed to be 'check audio settings'. And I found the 'AudioCallbackDriver' from application 'CubebUtils' with a firefox icon in pavucontrol (PulseAudio volume control) which was set to output level 0 (silence). Changing that to a more reasonable volume helped a lot!

Now I don't need java applets in my browser to use the different websdr servers.

2015-04-01 New country for me in amateur radio: Afghanistan
Spotting T6T on pskreporter I saw T6T active on 10 meter PSK31 this afternoon, fading in and out. And quite popular with other stations, Afghanistan is a rare country to see active on amateur radio. But one go he saw my reply and we managed to have a short contact. Right after the contact he faded away completely again!

2015-03-29 RF into a networkcard crashing a computer
I recently had the main PC that is connected to the amateur radio crash regularly when I was active on the 20 meter amateur band (14.000 - 14.250 MHz) which is at the moment the most interesting band for me. This PC is thompson, a Dell OptiPlex 745. This led to serious annoyances as cqrlog, the logging program I use depends on MySQL which handles crashes badly. I got very good at recovering the database and reinstalling cqrlog.

I thought it was time for a new PC but in the mean time I was dismantling some other old PC's and found an Intel E-1000 gigabit network card. Since the network switch thompson is connected to always showed strange activity after the PC had crashed I wondered if the on-board network card of the PC was the main cause. So I disabled the on-board network interface and installed the Intel E-1000 card.

So far the PC hasn't crashed since installing the card. I have been active on the radio two evenings since the installation.

Update 2015-04-06: A few crashes have happened since but not as many as happened when I got really annoyed.

2015-03-25 New country for me in amateur radio: Qatar
eQSL confirming contact with A71AE
Confirmation of contact with A71AE
Last evening I saw A71AE active on 20 meter PSK63. After he worked a number of other station I answered his CQ and we had a short but good contact. And I already have it confirmed via eQSL.

2015-03-22 The Heard Island DXpedition book
First I have to describe to 'other' visitors of my pages what a DXpedition is: operating radio from a remote location which is on the wish-list of many radio amateurs who want to make contacts with as much countries/locations as possible. Radio amateurs will visit such a place and set up antennas and radios to make those contacts possible.

I just finished reading the VK0IR DXpedition book. It's a great description of the Heard Island DXpedition in 1997. Just 18 years ago, but a lot has changed. Supporting a major amateur radio event via the Internet/World wide web was a new thing back then. Nowadays, not doing that would be unthinkable.

And, the Heard Island 2015 DXpedition is being planned! I usually avoid making contact with DXpeditions because it's just trying to get through a wall of radio amateurs trying to make that contact (what radio amateurs call a "pile-up") but it can be done, so I may try to get this one.

2015-03-20 Morgen Landelijke Radio Vlooienmarkt
Morgen is het tijd voor de 40e Landelijke Radio Vlooienmarkt in het Autotron in Rosmalen. Ik ga er weer van harte heen!

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